Welcome to TKB School

Whether you think you are interested in learning to kiteboard or already know how and want to better your kiteboarding skills, you’ve come to the right place. The information on this site is split into the following kiteboarding instructional topics:

Beginning Kiteboarding Skills

If you think you are interesting in learning to kiteboard or just started, this is the page for you.

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Intermediate Kiteboarding Skills

This section is for riders who are up and riding who are looking to solidify their skills.

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Kite Surfing

Here’s the information you need if you are interested in riding waves while powered by a kite.

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Advanced Kiteboarding Skills

Take your riding to the next level and learn some advanced moves.

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Please do not use the information on this website to replace kiteboarding lessons or instructional programs. The Kiteboarder Instructional Guide is designed to supplement your learning process.

As always, the best way to learn to kiteboard is to take lessons from a reputable, qualified kiteboarding school and instructor.